Our 1st Sports Day!

Today was a very special day, because it was Year 1s, first ever Sports Day at school! They missed out in Nursery and Reception due to the pandemic.

They all took part superbly and cheered on everybody else from Year 2 and ARP 1 that also took part.
It was lovely to see all of the parents too, so thank you!

Fruit and vegetable kebabs

After Year 1 designed their fruit and vegetable kebab of their choice, they then spent the afternoon making them.

They learned about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness for when food is being prepared.

Year 1 enjoyed trying some new fruit and vegetables too.

Plants and wild flowers

This week, Year 1 went on a hunt around school to find as many wild flowers and plants as possible. This was the stunning start to our plants topic in science.

Gingerbread Factory Role Play

This half term, our whole class story is The Gingerbread Man. Our role play area has become a Gingerbread Factory! The children really enjoyed re-enacting how to make gingerbread men and other delicious bakery treats. The children are free to use the role play area during free flow activities.

NSPCC Number Day!

Year 1 really enjoyed dressing up as numbers and taking part in lots of different number activities in the classroom.

These included snakes and ladders in pairs and build a tower.

The day before, they made numbers of their own to stick on their own clothes.

Lost & Found

This half term, our literacy is ‘Lost & Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story, retelling parts of the story using their own words and researching about penguins ready to begin writing their penguin fact file this week.

Below are some of the children’s responses about the story from some work set on Seesaw.

I am very pleased with how well the children have engaged with the story and remembered all of the key events.

Christmas with Year 1

Our Christmas performance of The Nativity was an amazing success.
We sung Christmas carols with with Year 2.
Welcome to the Year 1 cinema!
On pyjama day, we had hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows for our Christmas film morning.
Santa and his elf came to visit!